Rising Lords

Rising Lords

Rising Lords

Rising Lords

Game Overview

Welcome to the captivating world of "Rising Lords," the immersive strategy game that will transport you to a medieval realm filled with political intrigue, warfare, and strategic decision-making! Prepare to shape the destiny of your kingdom as you rise from humble beginnings to become a formidable lord.

In this enthralling game, you'll navigate a complex web of alliances, engage in epic battles, and make critical choices that will determine the fate of your domain. Build and manage your kingdom, train armies, and employ diplomacy to secure your legacy.

Rising Lords combines stunning visuals, deep strategic gameplay, and a rich medieval atmosphere to deliver an unparalleled gaming experience. Engage in challenging campaigns, face off against rival lords, and emerge victorious as the ultimate ruler.

Prepare to embark on an epic journey in Rising Lords, where your strategic prowess and leadership skills will shape the course of history. Can you rise above the challenges and become a legendary lord? The kingdom awaits your command!

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System Requirement

OS: WIndows XP
Processor: 2,27 GHz Dual Core
Memory: 4000 MB RAM
Graphics: Dedicated Graphic Card
DirectX: Version 9.0
Storage: 500 MB available space
Sound Card: Any


OS: Windows 10

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