Paranoia Happiness is Mandatory

Paranoia Happiness is Mandatory

Paranoia Happiness is Mandatory

Paranoia Happiness is Mandatory

Game Overview

Get ready to dive into a dystopian world where nothing is as it seems with Paranoia Happiness is Mandatory. This intriguing RPG takes you on a journey through the dark and humor-filled world of Alpha Complex.

As a loyal Troubleshooter, you must navigate a society controlled by an all-knowing AI, maintaining the illusion of happiness at all costs. Uncover conspiracies, solve mysteries, and engage in tactical turn-based combat to maintain order in this topsy-turvy society.

Embrace the absurdity as you encounter quirky characters, engage in witty dialogue, and make choices that impact the outcome of the game. Customize your character, upgrade skills, and uncover hidden secrets that challenge the status quo.

With its unique blend of RPG elements, dark humor, and immersive storytelling, Paranoia Happiness is Mandatory offers an unforgettable adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Are you ready to question everything and navigate the chaos of Alpha Complex

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System Requirement

Processor: N/A
Memory: N/A MB RAM
Graphics: N/A
Storage: N/A MB available space
Sound Card: N/A
Additional Notes: N/A

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