Be a Pirate

Be a Pirate

Be a Pirate

Be a Pirate

Game Overview

Ahoy, matey! Get ready to set sail on an epic adventure with "Be a Pirate," a thrilling game that combines strategy, simulation, and puzzle elements into a swashbuckling experience. In this immersive journey, you'll step into the boots of a pirate captain, navigating treacherous waters and uncovering hidden treasures.

As you assemble your crew and customize your ship, strategic decision-making becomes crucial. Plan your route, engage in thrilling naval battles, and outsmart rival pirates to claim your place as the most feared captain on the high seas.

But it's not all about combat! "Be a Pirate" also challenges your puzzle-solving skills as you decipher ancient maps, solve riddles, and uncover the secrets of long-lost islands.

With its captivating gameplay, realistic graphics, and immersive sound effects, "Be a Pirate" offers an unforgettable experience for those seeking adventure on the open seas. Get ready to hoist the anchor and embrace the pirate life!

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System Requirement

OS: Windows 7
Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU G530 @2.40 GHz
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GSO 512
DirectX: Version 10
Storage: 90 MB available space


Memory: 4 GB RAM

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