1812 Napoleon Wars

1812 Napoleon Wars

1812 Napoleon Wars

1812 Napoleon Wars

 Game Overview

Embark on an unforgettable journey through history with 1812 Napoleon Wars, a captivating strategy and tower defense game that will test your skills like never before. Set in the turbulent Napoleonic era, this game allows you to rewrite history through tactical brilliance.

As a formidable military commander, you must navigate the treacherous battlefields of Europe, devising intricate strategies and fortifying your defenses. Will you lead the mighty French army to victory or defend against Napoleon's relentless advance?

Immerse yourself in stunning visuals, realistic sound effects, and addictive gameplay that seamlessly blends strategy and tower defense. With every decision, the fate of nations hangs in the balance.

Prepare to prove your mettle, adapt to changing circumstances, and outwit your opponents in 1812 Napoleon Wars. Will you rise to the challenge and leave your mark on history? The time has come to master the art of strategy in this epic tower defense adventure.

Video Trailer

Video Gameplay

System Requirement

OS: Win 7\8\10
Processor: 1.4
Memory: 2000 MB RAM
Graphics: 1024 Mb
DirectX: Version 9.0
Storage: 200 MB available space
Sound Card: 16 SB

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